The DLS 3D printer The perfect professional CO2 sintering 3D Printer present in many universities and R&D deparments worldwide, fully configurable by the user


3D printer with DLS technology: Direct Laser Sintering. Fast, easy to use and precise.

It has a laser of 2.200 mm/s which allows to print 35 mm per hour. It uses PA12 and it’s possible to set every parameter through the touch screen

SnowWhite is ideal to realize minutie, small and medium size objects.

The printer can be a perfect laboratory tool to test new powders because it can start working with just 3 kg of material and it’s possible to recover all the unused powders. The machine is ready to print in just few minutes and it has a low energy consumption.

Every setting can be modified through the touch screen display so that every experiments will be different from the previous.


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